AUSKF Kendo Seminar with Nabeyama Sensei visiting from Japan having Keiko with Youth in SoCal. Nabeyama Sensei is the coach of Tsukuba University which just won the 2017 Kanto University Team Tournament! 
The Seminar had detailed coaching, Q&A session, Kihon and Waza practice and Keiko with Youth before lunch, more coaching and Waza practice after lunch and Keiko with Adult Yudansha. The turn out was large and very spirited!

Watch video on YouTube here: 

Keiko with Youth:

Keiko with Yudansha PT. 1:

Keiko with Yudansha PT. 2:
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The Japanese Navy brought 11 experienced Kenshi of various Kendo ranks to San Diego for an exciting night of Jigeiko and a Explosive point scoring In-Dojo Team Tournament(which featured all 11 Navy Kenshi vs selected SDKB Kenshi of various ranks).

The Link below leads to the playlist of all videos from this exciting event which occurred back in June.

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